Gym-Based Rehabilitation

Whether you are recovering from an injury or recent surgery we can design an exercise programme to accelerate your recovery. Our 6 or 12-week rehabilitation programmes are carried out at New Lynn’s Les Mills gym. This gym offers the latest technology, modern equipment and world class facilities.

These programmes involve an initial assessment of fitness, flexibility, posture and muscle strength, followed by a physiotherapist designed and managed programme.

Who is it for

Sports Injuries – we’ll get you back to your pre injury fitness following your injury.

Postural pain – our physiotherapists will design you a gym programme to improve your muscle strength and posture, say good bye to neck and back ache.

Gradual process injury or repetitive strain injury – research has found that  strengthening and fitness are a  vital part of your recovery from repetitive strain injury.

Following all orthopaedic surgery such as:

  • Total knee joint replacement
  • Total hip joint replacement
  • ACL reconstructions
  • Knee cartilage surgery
  • Rotator cuff repair surgery
  • Ankle fracture surgery

We’ll give you the advice and exercises to get the best possible mobility and strength following your surgery.  The programme consists of core stability, cardio vascular fitness, stretching, strength training.

Free parking is plentiful at our gym locations.

Bilateral Hip Replacement

After a bilateral hip replacement I made the decision to visit New Lynn Physiotherapy as I felt that such treatment would be beneficial for my rehabilitation. During the course of 8 sessions I was given a range of exercises and massage to increase my flexibility and strength. I also appreciated the time taken to give professional advice and guidance, which greatly improved my confidence and accelerated my recovery. I would highly recommend that other people seek physio treatment following similar surgical procedures.

Judy, Blockhouse Bay