Massage Therapy

Are you are experiencing aches and pains caused by sport or the stresses of everyday life? Do you want to recover faster after training or games? Are you someone who doesn’t play sport but just wants a really effective massage?

Then we can help. Book an appointment with Shani Postema now.

Shani Postema is a qualified and experienced neuromuscular massage therapist who is 100% committed to the total wellbeing of her clients. She specialises in sports and neuromuscular massage and uses a broad variety of techniques including myofascial release, trigger point therapy and active release.

Shani works closely with the physiotherapists in the clinic providing one off or regular monthly massages for both sporting and non-sporting clients. Specialising in sports massage, she has worked with professional sports teams including the All Blacks, Samoa, and French rugby teams, as well as rugby league teams and various Super rugby teams, Ironmen, crossfit athletes and soccer players.

Benefits of Massage

Neuromuscular massage therapy aims to restore proper functioning of the body by reducing tension in the muscles and connective tissue, improving circulation and at the same time can eliminate the effects of stress, anxiety, trauma and fatigue. You should leave the session feeling light, completely relaxed and with an increased range of motion.

Shani generally uses deep tissue massage techniques to release tight muscles and knots, however be assured she always begins by warming up the areas to be worked on. She will ask for your feedback, so if you require more or less pressure just let her know.

Massage Sessions

30-minute, 45-minute and 60-minute massage therapy sessions are available. Please enquire about current specials and the Bodyrite loyalty scheme.