We're enthusiastic about meeting our clients' needs. This is what they have to say about us:

Chronic Headaches from Serious Head Trauma

I am 59 years old and have suffered from chronic headaches for over 35 years from a serious head trauma. I also have multiple complications, lack of balance, dizziness, chronic fatigue, have had 6 broken or cracked vertebras, had paralysis in both arms, multiple tendon transfers in my hands, severe nerve pain in both arms and back, and was supposed to have a knee reconstruction over 18 years ago. I will be forever grateful to Nicky and her team for not only maintaining my ongoing elements but more importantly taking the time to teach me techniques that has enable me to live a relatively normal life and enabled me to achieve my goals including cycling at a national level.

Today I am described as having virtually full range of movement in my neck, full range of movement in my arms and medically described as only having some weakness in arms. I continue to cycle and enjoy life again.

I have recommended Nicky and her team to all my family and friends and without exception they have praised their abilities and professionalism with the same enthusiasm as I have.

Forever grateful,

Brent, Titirangi

Prevent Further Back Injury

Christelle has been amazing, I have not only recovered from my back injury, but I have learned how to protect my back when working out at the gym by activating my core properly. The combination of physiotherapy treatment and Pilates has been amazing. Very friendly, very informative.

Highly recommended!!

Kirsty, New Lynn

Major Tears in Shoulder Tendons

Last year I suffered major tears in my right shoulder rotator cuff tendons resulting in surgery. My choice of physiotherapy clinic was easy, having been to New Lynn Physiotherapy before and knowing that their staff know exactly what is needed to get amazing results.

From the get go Damian has kept me up to date with what he was going to do and what was expected of me as well.  He has applied his considerable skills to get my shoulder moving – I have full mobility now. He has guided me through my transition back into the gym, setting exercises and goals each visit for me to reach and exceed.

I have put my trust in New Lynn Physiotherapy and have never been disappointed.  I cannot recommend them highly enough. They are simply the BEST.

Thanks for everything.

Dave, Massey

Serious Shoulder Injury

Christelle and the team from New Lynn Physio completely fixed my shoulder injury. I was in severe pain after a serious accident and my shoulder had seized up. I honestly imagined a super-long painful recovery. My shoulder is now “A-Okay”. A big thanks to New Lynn Physio.

Mark, Avondale

Broken Arm and Frozen Shoulder

I came to New Lynn Physio with a broken arm and a frozen shoulder. My first impression was how efficient and friendly the reception staff was. I have had treatment with two different physiotherapists and found them to be both very skilled. I felt improvement after every appointment I attended and will recommend this clinic to all of my friends and family.


Lower Back Pain

I twisted my back while doing physical exercise and suffered from pain in my lower back and leg. As part of my physiotherapy treatment I was given Pilates exercises to work on both in the clinic and at home. I felt much better in just one week. I would have suffered much longer if it wasn’t for their help. It is really appreciated thank you New Lynn Physiotherapy.

Haifeng, New Lynn

Knee Replacement

Over the last couple of months, after a total knee replacement, I have been attending New Lynn Physiotherapy and wish to thank you most sincerely for the excellent and skilful treatment received. I have no criticism whatsoever, quite the contrary. Treatment and care has been punctual, friendly, efficient and very effective in clean, tidy and well-appointed rooms. Treatment received is in no way a “one size fits all” experience. Each visit I have been listened to and treatment changed accordingly. I very much appreciate and am very pleased with the outcomes of my treatment.

I would not and do not hesitate to recommend the practice to others.

Margaret, Titirangi

Bilateral Hip Replacement

After a bilateral hip replacement I made the decision to visit New Lynn Physiotherapy as I felt that such treatment would be beneficial for my rehabilitation. During the course of 8 sessions I was given a range of exercises and massage to increase my flexibility and strength. I also appreciated the time taken to give professional advice and guidance, which greatly improved my confidence and accelerated my recovery. I would highly recommend that other people seek physio treatment following similar surgical procedures.

Judy, Blockhouse Bay

Swollen and Painful Feet

I am an 81 year old, who on 8 January 2010 was out on an early morning walk when I tripped and fell. Since then I had suffered from swollen and painful feet for over 2 months, before my podiatrist suggested I go to New Lynn Physiotherapy.

My feet were so stiff I waddled rather than walked. After only THREE treatments my walking improved considerably. I could not believe the difference physiotherapy treatment made, I could cry with the relief it gave me. At home I do the exercises given to me; they make such a difference to my daily movement helping me to continue with line dancing class each week.

Lillian, Blockhouse Bay


Nicky Collins was recommended to me in 1998 by a client of mine. Since then she has been treating me for vertigo, a condition which affects my balance. Each time I have another onset of vertigo, Nicky skilfully treats me with physiotherapy and massage and then teaches me exercises to continue on with. Prior to Nicky treating me, I couldn’t find anyone who understood my condition as being skeletal and muscular.

Two years ago I smashed my right shoulder and after extensive surgery I was advised by my surgeon I would never raise my arm above my head again. Within 6 months of Nicky’s physiotherapy and rehabilitation together with my daily exercises, I was swimming and using my arm normally including raising it above my head. Not bad for a woman in her late 50’s.

The team at New Lynn Physiotherapy are very professional, friendly and work together in a welcoming and very clean environment. I have recommended them to a number of people who have become loyal clients of theirs.

Fay, Titirangi